Welcome to W1NKids!


W1NKids is a fun and engaging program for children to learn about God and understand how to live out their faith. Every Sunday we jump around, sing, laugh, make friends, burn some energy, enjoy a snack and learn something new. W1NKids introduces worship, prayer and discipleship to the kids in a practical and meaningful way. Adults can sign-in their child(ren) at our welcome table at 9:45am. Rest assured that their safety is our first priority. Background checks, security walks, secure rooms and exit plans, updated First Aid Kits, and regular teacher training are just a few of the steps we have taken to provide a safe environment. We love our kids!


Nursery  - newborn to age 3 (not yet potty-trained)


Little W1NKids – age 3 (potty-trained) to age 6 (Kindergarten)


W1NKids – age 6 (first grade) through age 11 (fifth grade)


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Children's Quizzing

A unique way to learn and memorize God's Word in a much deeper way. Kids dig down into the Scriptures to understand the facts and geography behind specifically chosen books in the Bible. Our Sunday morning lessons focus on the heart and life application of the passage of the week, while our Sunday afternoon children's quizzing helps our kids gain the knowledge and details of it. The children use a fun method of "quiz boxes" to show their answers in a group setting and occasionally participate in district-wide quizzes with quiz teams from other churches in East Ohio.


Quiz practice – Sundays after morning worship, approximately 11:30 am-12:15 pm


District quizzes – Five times per year at a local Nazarene church