Small Groups



Small Groups

Midweek Opportunities and Small Groups

Great learning and growing activities, discussions, classes as well as small groups with varying topics for men and women of all ages in friendly group settings. While almost all Midweek Opportunities such as prayer meeting and mid-week Bible study occur on Wednesday 7:00–8:00pm, others can be found meeting on Thursday or another weekday that is convenient for that group. Child care, children's and youth programming is also available if required.   Contact the church office, 898-4771, for more information on which groups are current.

The Young Adult Bible Study meets twice monthly, on the first and third Monday of the month.  Interesting Bible scripture studies and discussing relevant topics and issues for young adults are the main goals of the group.  Brent Currington is the leader.  330-847-6564.

The Coffee Club is a friendly group that meets for a social time to discuss and share.  They meet during the summer, when the weather is a bit more cooperative, at "The Most Magnificent McDonalds" on Elm Road.  Grab a cup of coffee there and join in for a relaxing time of fellowship.  Contact Phyllis Thomas for more information. 330-847-9689.

Women's Ministries

Women's Ministries wants to see women inspired in worship, included in community, and involved in mission. We know that sometimes women need time away to be together to laugh, to share hurts, and to study God’s Word. We provide weekly opportunities for worship and Bible study.  Contact Beth Shackelford, 330-766-1082 or Kathleen Westenfelder, 330-898-2613 for more information.

Men's Ministries

In Men's Ministries, it is our goal to equip, empower, and inspire men to passionately follow Jesus Christ. We have many ways that you can get involved in our events. We invite you to join.  Try the Saturday Men's Prayer Meeting from 7:30-8:30am.  The Prayer Meeting becomes a Breakfast Prayer Meeting on the first Saturday of each month.  Meeting at the Wayside Restaurant at 8:00am., the men enjoy a nice breakfast and a devotional time together.  Contact Ralph Thomas for more information.  330-847-9689

Vets for Vets

A special emphasis group strictly by Christian Veterans for Veterans.  Robert (Bob) Towles is the leader at the Vets for Vets meetings, held every other week at the Panera Bread Co., on Elm Road.  These men have a great time of sharing stories and discussing just about anything that impacts their lives as veterans of our Armed Services.  Bob is a highly qualified leader and is himself a highly-decorated veteran of the Vietnam War.  Contact Bob Towles, 330-326-3854.

Specific and Special Men's Small Groups

Because many men's small groups form for special Bible studies or for specific interests during various limited time constraints during the year, it is not convenient to list specific groups here.  For more information regarding current men's small groups contact the church office, 330-898-4771, or contact Les Farthing, either by phone at 330-898-8817 or email him at:

Please note that we offer small groups in varying locations that study the Bible and topical themes. Everyone is welcome to become a part of one of these small groups. Contact the Church office for more information about a small group near you that may meet your need.

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