"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God."                      Philipians 4:6 ESV

Click the PRAYER link above to visit the Prayer Mobilization Line from Nazarene Missions International (NMI) for prayer requests you can lift up to the Father.

Adult Sunday School Classes

Gen X - Class for Young Adults.  Teacher is Brent Currington
Celebrate Recovery - Class for Adults. Teacher is Jimmy Davis/Rachel Wagner
Home Improvement - Class for Adults. Teacher is Bill Shackelford
Fidelity Class - Class for Adults. Teacher is Sherry Wilkoski
Sonshine Class - Class for Senior Adults. Teacher is Kathleen Westenfelder
Real Life - Class for Senior Adults. Teacher is John Lamont

In Addition, there are Sunday School classes available for Teens & Children.  Join & Enjoy!

Sunday Mornings

  • Sunday School classes meet at 9:30 AM
  • Sunday worship services are at 10:40 AM
  • We have children’s church during our Sunday morning worship and our nursery is provided during each class and worship time.

Adult Ministry

  • Corporate Prayer - Wednesdays from 7PM to 8PM
  • Vets For Vets - First & third Mondays, Panera Bread,  11:30AM, Contact:
    Bob Towles  330-326-3854
  •  Men’s Prayer - Saturdays at 7:30AM Sonshine Room & First Saturday of the month at Wayside Rest. - 8AM Contact Ralph Thomas, 330-847-9689
  • Young Adult Bible Study - 2nd & 4th Fridays at the Church at 7:30 PM.  Contact Brent Currington, 330-847-6564
  • Celebrate Recovery - Meets on Wednesday nights from 6PM-8PM in the Sanctuary.  Child care is provided.

Summer Small Group for Teens

Wednesday, from 11am –1pm for Teens who just finished 6th-12th grade.  Join us every Wednesday for a great devotion, lunch, and dodgeball, xBox, or other fun things!

Three Upcoming Ladies Conferences

1) Oct. 13-15 : Joyce Meyer in Cleveland at the Wolstein Center. 
2) Oct. 21-22 : East Ohio District on at the Fishcreek Church of the Nazarene in Stow
3)Oct. 26 : “Girls Night Out” featuring Karen Kingsbury 7pm in Youngstown
Info is posted on bulletin board by ladies restroom.

Communication Form

Planning a party? Class activity? Wedding? Need a room? Want to use the Gym?
Fill this form out online, then save, e-mail, or print and turn it in to the church office for confirmation of your reservation and to get it on the calendar.  Click HERE for the Form

By Popular Request...and FREE!

Real Life Cookbook now available!

Popular with good cooks everywhere!  Click here on the Cookbook cover for the best recipes from the men and women of the Real Life Sunday School Class from the year 2000.  Original recipes, stories, interesting culinary facts, homespun humor and more!



News From The Church Bulletin


Let's have a great ALABASTER OFFERING this Sunday, September 25!  Save your change (dollars and cents) daily then give it in the Alabaster March.

Alabaster monies from the offering are transformed into churches, schools, parsonages, clinics and property sites which serve as EVANGELISTIC CENTERS around the world...as the church of the Nazarene continues to grow, the need for more buildings is overwhelming!
NOTE:  Alabaster Boxes are available in the foyer by the Coffee Center OR if you prefer, you may give your monies by check...  Also, use the Online Giving feature of your website (www.wfcnaz.org) to conveniently and safely give to Alabaster

Trumbull County Life Chain

The 26th Trumbull County Life Chain is scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 2nd from 2:30-3:30pm.  Our church meets in front of the DQ on Elm Road. Signs will be available to hold for visual statement that life is precious and we oppose abortion. 

Children’s Bible Quizzing
Children’s Quiz Sign Ups are on bulletin board in Children’s hallway at the church.  Quizzing will begin after Labor Day.

Warren Zone Revival
Starts Sunday, Oct. 9th at 6pm here at Warren 1st thru Wed. Oct. 12th with services at 7pm.  Speaker is Dr. Susie Shellenberger, evangelist in the Nazarene Church and Author.

Adult Retreat in Amish Country 

A chance to fellowship and draw closer to your Heavenly Father in an awesome Christian setting at Carlisle Inn in Sugarcreek Ohio. No special speakers or bands. Small Group gatherings at night and in the  morning. We will stay Fri.  Nov. 11 and  Sat. Nov. 12 and check out Sunday Nov. 13.
   Thanks to a donation to help offset the hotel costs, you only pay $50 per person and get 2 nights of great accommodations.
   Also breakfast is included at the hotel.  You would be responsible for other meals and any other costs.
   There are 5 double queen bedrooms. Couples or individuals, up to 4 in a room. Since space is limited, reservations are first-come first-served. So, get your $$$ to Brent ASAP. For more information, contact Brent Currington at  330-847-6564.

Food Pantry Current Needs

We are in continual need of some items to restock the food pantry as we help those who need assistance.  Spaghetti and pasta sauce, pastas, mac & cheese, soup, crackers, peanut butter, canned vegies, fruits & canned chicken & beef are all great items to bring in.
Also, remember, you can give financially towards food vouchers by using ONLINE GIVING or by noting it on a tithe envelope as you give offerings.  Thank you for your donations.



(Click on the cover picture below to read)

Nazarene Essentials is a document that explains why the Church of the Nazarene exists as a worldwide Holiness and Great Commission movement in the Wesleyan-Arminian tradition.
For clergy and laity, Nazarene Essentials offers a way to better understand the church’s purpose of spreading scriptural holiness and its mission to make Christlike disciples in the nations.
As you read and study Nazarene Essentials, may you learn more about the Church of the Nazarene and its desire to obediently share the good news of Jesus Christ.



Online Giving

Convenient, Accurate and Safe

Click on Online Giving for the Giving Page.



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Using the Online Giving Page

Did you know...

That the Online Giving page is available to anyone wishing to donate to any of the ministries of the Church?  We currently have 36 registered giving accounts and total giving to date is over $120,000.00
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Oct 1

Men's Prayer Breakfast at Wayside Restaurant - 8:00 AM

Saturday, 8:00 AM

Men's Prayer Breakfast at Wayside Restaurant - 8:00 AM
Time: Saturday, 8:00 AM
  The Wayside Restaurant is located in Champion, OH
Oct 2

Sunday School - 9:30 AM

Sunday, 9:30 AM

Sunday School - 9:30 AM
Time: Sunday, 9:30 AM
  Sunday School classes for Adults, Children, and Youth. Bible studies. Interesting topics. You are welcome!
Oct 2

Morning Worship - 10:40 AM

Sunday, 10:30 AM

Morning Worship - 10:40 AM
Time: Sunday, 10:30 AM
  No Description Available
Oct 2

Rock Solid - 4:30 PM

Sunday, 4:30 PM

Rock Solid - 4:30 PM
Time: Sunday, 4:30 PM
Location: Warren 1st Church of the Nazarene/Teen Room
  Teens meet with Pastor Brent in the youth room for a time of food, fun and devotions.
Oct 3

Vets for Vets - 11:30AM

Monday, 11:30 AM

Vets for Vets - 11:30AM
Time: Monday, 11:30 AM
Location: Panera - Elm Rd Warren OH
  A Men's Veteran's Group that meets for lunch and sharing.
Oct 4

Men's Basketball - 6:30 PM Fellowship Hall

Tuesday, 6:30 PM

Men's Basketball - 6:30 PM Fellowship Hall
Time: Tuesday, 6:30 PM
Location: Church gymnasium (fellowship hall)
  Men's Basketball...full of active, enthusiastic, basketball. Good sport, good fun. *NOTE - cancelled for Feb, March, and April due to Upward Sports. Will start up again in May 2014.
Oct 5

Celebrate Recovery -6PM

Wednesday, 6:00 PM

Celebrate Recovery -6PM
Time: Wednesday, 6:00 PM
Location: Warren 1st Church of the Nazarene - 4179 Parkman Rd., NW Warren OH 44481
  This is a support group that will meet on Wednesday nights. Kick off date is May 6, 2015. Contact Jimmy Davis for information on the group, #330-984-9957 or www.celebraterecovery.com
Oct 5

Church Prayer Meeting - 7:00 PM

Wednesday, 7:00 PM

Church Prayer Meeting - 7:00 PM
Time: Wednesday, 7:00 PM
Location: Warren First Church of the Nazarene - 4971 Parkman Rd. NW Southington OH 44470
  Wednesday prayer meeting for the entire church. Meets in the Fidelity classroom.

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Your Week At A Glance

Mon. Office Closed  
Tue. Men's Basketball 6:30 PM


Teen Small Group Celebrate Recovery Prayer Meeting

11:00AM  6:00 PM 7:30PM

Thur. Band Practice 6:00 PM
Sat. Men's Prayer Breakfast at the Wayside Restaurant 8:00 AM

Family Sunday

Each fourth (4th) Sunday is Family Sunday!  The preschool room thru 3rd graders will be in the service, the nursery is open and the Family Room will be open for families with children who need to step out of the sanctuary.

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You Get What You Look For

RG AUDIO 100116   Proverbs 11:19-31 Our church consists of homeless street friends, at-risk youth, aged-out foster kids, and men, along with their families, who have come through the Adult Rehabilitation Center. For these men, one major component in remaining clean is to stay away from their old neighborhoods. At a graduation ceremony, the father […] [Read More]

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